Be Ready for a New Voting Experience

Yup. The City of Philadelphia will be rolling out new voting machines on Election Day--November 5th. Make sure you allow extra time to vote since everyone will be adjusting to the change in real-time. We're not only posting the city's official video about the new machine, but we've also shot some footage of our own. Our vids show you some details that aren't in the City's video and guide you in how to vote-like-you-know on November 5th. Don't be intimidated. Get informed.

Official Demo of New Voting Machine - Philadelphia City Commissioners Office

Runtime: 2:17

My Family Votes! New Voting Machine Vids

We shot these videos in the hallway of the Philadelphia Board of Elections Office under the very watchful eye of a senior-level staffer. Yes, we used a phone. Nope, the videos are not short of info you can use to vote like an expert, well at the very least, a very well-prepared voter. Take a few minutes to view. Save a lot of minutes at the poll.

First Screen: Vote - What's on it & how to choose political party candidates

Runtime: 1 min 39 secs

Second Screen - Retain & Decide - Judicial Retentions & Ballot Questions

This video also includes a brief explanation of Crime Victim Rights Ballot Question (also known as Marsy's Law)

Runtime: 2 min 29 seconds

Have No Fear - Easy peasy way to make selections, even if you make a mistake.

Touch the screen to turn the voting selection light on and off.

Runtime: 17 seconds

Avoid this Time-consuming Error - Don't 'Spoil'/Cancel your ballot.

Check your choices before you hit 'Print Ballot.'

Runtime: 1 min 1 second

Rumor-free facts about 'Straight Party Voting' & what to do if you change your mind...

Runtime: 1 min 50 second

Make a Plan to Save Time at the Polls

You've viewed the vids. Now, get ready to vote