City Commissioner Omar Sabir - Shares Details about June 2nd Primary Election

The June 2nd Primary will be very different than any of us have experienced. Watch this Detailed Discussion with Election Commissioner Omar Sabir about Vote-by-Mail and other  June 2nd Election issues. Tomas Varela, Phila. Urban Leagues, Dir. of Advocacy and Communication, did a great job leading the session. It was more of an intimate discussion, so Emma Tramble, My Family Votes Founder, was able to ask questions that voters have shared with her.

Note about Some of the Video's Content: The City has not confirmed possible drop box locations for mail-in ballots. We will post that information as soon as it becomes official.

May 22, 2020 - Discussion Date


Find Your Polling Place

The City of Philadelphia reduced the number of poll locations from 831 to 188. We placed this video in multiple locations on our website because it's one of the June 2nd Primary Election's hottest topics.

One-Minute Way to Find Your Polling Place


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