My Family Votes! strives to make sure we develop voting strategies that represent who and how we want to be governed. This page is designed for our partner groups and individuals who need info on the go.

Polls - Election Day, Nov. 3rd - Open 7 am - Close 8 pm

Report Problems at the Polls

  • Voting Issues - Phone and website ->>
    • Note: You can call, text, chat with voting advocates
  • Voter Intimidation - Philadelphia District Attorney's Election Task Office - 215-686-9461
    • Note: Report intimidation, interference, illegal voting, or unlawful electioneering

Voter Registration

Mail-in Ballot

Note: Official sites, including special event locations.

Note: This page may not include special event locations.

Note: It is against the law to handle someone else's ballot. A sick or disabled voter can have someone else mail or drop off their ballot if they and the person delivering the ballot have both signed a designation form.

Philadelphia County

This page included the number to report voter intimidation to the DA's Office.

Other Counties

Not a Philly Voter? Find Your County's Election Office Info Here>>

New! Mail-in Voting

Let your voice be heard from the comfort of your couch.

New! Early In-Person Voting

You don't have to wait until November 3rd, 2020 to vote in person.