Don't Clog the System.

We all know that this election will be different than any other we've experienced. Voters have flooded county election offices with election-related applications.

If you've already applied, you might be tempted to reapply because you don't know where your application is in the process. Early is better, but please check before you click submit or put another envelope in the mail. Your double submission may delay others from getting their ballots.

Check Voter Registration

Being registered is the first step in voting--mail-in or in person. If your name or address has not changed and the Status is 'Active' or 'Inactive,' you're good to go. An 'Inactive' status means you haven't voted in a while. You can still vote-by-mail or at the poll.

You may apply online if you have a valid PA driver's license, PennDOT ID (non-driver's ID), or the last four digits of your Social Security number. You may also download and mail the form for people without Web access.

Mail-in Ballots - Track from Application to Voted

On August 13th, 2020, Pennsylvania's Department of State sent an email to all voters who had checked the box to receive ballots annually or just applied for a mail-in ballot to make sure they stop reapplying.

In case you forgot, here's a description of the Annual Option:

Annual (Permanent) Mail-in Ballot Request: If you answer 'Yes' "to receive ballots for the remainder of the year and automatically receive an annual application," you will not have to reapply for the November 3rd, 2020 Election or any election that takes place until February 15th, 2021. You will also be sent a renewal application.

Pennsylvania's automated system sends emails for each stage. Check your Inbox or SPAM folder.

The state also has a web tool that allows you to follow your ballot 24/7.

You may apply online if you have a valid PA driver's license or PennDOT ID (non-driver's ID). You may also download and mail the form if you don't have these forms of ID.

Sample Timestamps Mail-in Ballot with Annual Option

Note: Turn cellphones sideways to display the full graphics.

Screenshot was taken 4/28/2020 - Mail-in ballot application submitted online 1:28 am 4/27/2020 & approved 4/27/2020 by the Philadelphia Board of Elections (BOE)

Sample - 2020 General Primary Election Ballot Status

Screenshot was taken 5/25/2020: Ballot mailed by Phila. BOE 5/11/2020; (Not pictured - Voter received ballot on 5/12/2020; Ballot sent back by the voter from a local post office 5/21/2020); Ballot received by Phila. BOE & marked voted 5/25/2020

Emma mail-in ballot status vote recorded

Screenshot was taken 8/16/2020: Previous statuses cleared; General Election ballot application approved by BOE at the same time as the June 2nd, 2020 Primary 4/27/2020 submission; No new application required. If you applied after the June 2nd, 2020 Election, your screen will look like this one.

Sample - 2020 General Election Ballot Status