Who & What's on the ballot?

Our main reason for existing is to make sure folks have what they need to make the best decisions on Election Day. You always have a chance to review ballots online before you vote. Note: The address on your voter registration determines what's on your ballot.


Offices - Political Party Candidates - Listed under their chosen parties

Note: Pennsylvania no longer has "Straight Party" voting. Make sure you select each candidate that you would like to vote into office.

  • President - Vote for 1
  • Representative for Congress (Congressperson) - Vote for 1


Pennsylvania Offices - Political Party Candidates - Listed under their chosen parties

  • Attorney General - Vote for 1
  • Auditor General - Vote for 1
  • State Treasurer - Vote for 1
  • State Senator (Phila. Area - Only Districts 1, 3, 5, 7) - Vote for 1
  • Representative in the General Assembly (State Rep.) - Vote for 1

Who Are My Current Elected Officials?

We're not promoting any candidates. However, you should be aware of who's a challenger and who's an incumbent (the person who currently holds that office). Maybe you want a change, or maybe you want to retain someone. This simple tool lets you "put a name to the face."

Sample Voting Ballots

Your time filling out your mail-in ballot or in the voting booth will be smoother is you are familiar with what's on the ballot for your district. We strongly urge you to download your sample ballot for your voting address from The Office of the Philadelphia City Commissioners. You will also be able to find your polling location at the same time if you choose to go vote in person.

Note: November ballots may not be available until September. Revisit the site later if the June 2nd Primary information is still being displayed.