Who & What's on the ballot?

Our main reason for existing is to make sure folks have what they need to make the best decisions on Election Day. Ballots are based on the address on your voter registration. Whether you choose to vote by mail or walk into a booth on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020, you'll be doing three things--'Voting' on state & federal political party candidates, 'Choosing' political convention delegates, and 'Deciding' which ballot measures get passed.

Pennsylvania is a "closed primary" state.

You must be registered under the Democratic or Republican party to vote for a candidate on June 2nd, 2020. Independents or registrants of other parties may vote on Ballot Questions. This rule does not apply to the November 3rd, 2020 General Election.


Offices/Delegates - Political Party Candidates - Listed under their chosen parties

  • President - Vote for 1
  • Representative for Congress (Congressperson) - Vote for 1
  • Delegate to the Democratic/Republican National Convention - Vote for up to 14


Pennsylvania Offices - Political Party Candidates - Listed under their chosen parties

  • Attorney General - Vote for 1
  • Auditor General - Vote for 1
  • State Treasurer> - Vote for 1
  • State Senator (Only Districts 1, 3, 5, 7) - Vote for 1
  • Representative in the General Assembly (State Rep.) - Vote for 1


Ballot Questions - Select Yes or No

When we vote for ballot questions, we become the legislators. The questions are on the row below the candidates. Select 'Yes' or 'No.'

Proposed Ballot Questions

(Bill No. 200008)

Shall the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to create a Department of Labor, headed by a Cabinet-level Director, to enforce City laws that protect Philadelphia workers; to oversee labor relations, such as collective bargaining, with the City’s unionized workforce; to investigate compliance with worker protections set forth in City contracts; and to manage programs concerning City employees; and to create a Board of Labor Standards to review and adjudicate matters arising from such work.

(Bill No. 190290)

Shall The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to revise City procurement procedures by increasing the sealed bidding threshold; by providing for procurement from local businesses; and by providing for Procurement Department regulations?

Who Are My Current Elected Officials?

We're not promoting any candidates. However, you should be aware of who's a challenger and who's an incumbent (the person who currently holds that office). Maybe you want a change or maybe you want to retain. This simple tool lets you "put a name to the face."

Sample Voting Ballots

Your time filling out your mail-in ballot or in the voting booth will be smoother is you are familiar with what's on the ballot for your district. We strongly urge you to download your sample ballot for your voting address from The Office of the Philadelphia City Commissioners. You will also be able to find your polling location at the same time if you choose to go vote in person.