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We are overjoyed when we can offer folks information they can use to take action. We encourage sharing and don't mind others placing our information, with credits, on their websites or Facebooks pages.

Unfortunately, we have experienced large and small entities using our write-ups without credit. Please be respectful of the time and effort we put into our community initiative and give us a simple shout out if you use our material.

Any use of this material in ways that are not written on this page without the express permission of My Family Votes! agent, Emma Tramble, is admissible in a court of law as copyright infringement.

Material Cannot Be Used to Promote a Political Candidate

We follow non-partisan rules, even though we are a volunteer entity. We don't endorse candidates, so please don't copy our write-ups and use them on any material that supports a candidate.

Share. Share. Share.

We encourage you to share unaltered downloads, memes, and other material from this site with appropriate acknowledgment.

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