Welcome to the Voting Plan Challenge!!!

We're glad you've joined us. Now, you may say to yourself, "Hold on. The link said, "Create a Plan." Why did I land on the Voting Plan Challenge page?" Well, one of the biggest ‘challenges’ many voters face is voting without a plan or a strategy.

We believe that experienced and newer voters will benefit from this challenge. If you move through this challenge quickly, you're well on your way to becoming a voting champion for others.

The goal is to help you build a plan to vote more powerfully on Election Day.

By the time you finish the worthy assignment, you'll be ready for this election and many more to come. Please share with your family and friends that they should also prepare to walk confidently into the booth with a strategy that will benefit our community and our city.

Challenge #1 - Put Election Day on Your Calendar

Put Election Day on your calendar, whether it's electronic or old school paper. Too many folks forget to vote because they get busy and time slips away. Remember, just a few voters will decide this election. Make sure you're one of them.

Election Day: Tuesday, May 21st - Polls open at 7 A.M. and Close at 8 P.M.

You have done more than most Philadelphians at this point. Spread the word.

Challenge #2 - Check Your Registration

What?!? If you haven't moved since the last time you voted, then you're ahead of the game. You can jump to the next challenge.

Our video will guide you through the process. Experienced voters may learn a thing or two to share with others.

Reasons to check your registration:

  1. You updated your registration because you moved, switched parties, changed your name
  2. You’re unsure of your party. Note: You have to be a registered Democrat or Republican to vote for candidates in the May 21st Primary. However, you may still vote on Ballot questions.

If you've moved since you last voted and did not update your voter registration, you will have to go back to your old poll. Not sure? Please check your voter registration status. Pro tip: When checking your name, less is more. Start with your first and last name then go from there.

Not registered? You'll have to wait until after the election. The deadline to register has passed.

Challenge #3 - Know What Each Office Does

Listen to our lively discussions featuring WURD's political reporting guru, Vincent Thompson. Each short audio clip will bring you closer to being the most informed voter on your block.

You'll notice we don't mention any candidate names in Challenge 4? We suggest that you learn what the office requires, decide which issues are important to you, and then pick the candidate who you think can get the job done. Voting is the hiring process for good government. You can't hire someone if you don't know what the job requires.

Challenge #4 - Pick at Least One Issue that Matters to You

Buzz words are easy but caring about an issue is a whole other matter. If you're concerned about gentrification, does that mean that you're worried about property taxes or are you concerned about feeling like you still are a vital part of this city's future? You don't have to choose just one, but you should care about one thing so deeply that you follow the issue well after the election is over.

Challenge #5 - Know Your Council District Number

Our City Charter (it's like our city's constitution) divides the City into ten City Council Districts. There is one representative for each district. The current council person's name will be on the ballot. Some are running unopposed, and some have someone running against them. Pat yourself on the back if this one was easy for you, too. You can find sample ballots for your district on our Candidates & Ballot Questions page.

*Bonus* - Know Your Ward and Divison & Find Polling Place

Political maps divide the city into 66 wards. Your small slice, along with a few hundred of your neighbors', is called your division (precinct). When you step into the poll, someone usually greets you with a question about your ward and division. Walk in with your head high, give a friendly nod, and go straight to the check-in table.

Challenge #6 - Choose the Candidates that Match Your Values and Issues

Now that you've done the hard work, it will be much easier for you to identify which candidates' buttons you will press on May 21st.

Challenge Combo*

Note: We're Combining Challenges 5 & 6 for Maximum Efficiency. You will find the information on our Candidates & Ballot Questions page.

*Challenge Combo

Note: We're Combining Challenges 5 & 6 for Maximum Efficiency. You will find the information on our Candidates & Ballot Questions page.

Challenge #7 - Write Down Candidate Names 

Writing down your candidate choices and ballot question 'Yes/No' answers will speed up your time in the booth. Luckily, the Committee of Seventy has done the work for you. Their 2019 Ballot Tool will create a list that you can take with you to the poll and share with friends.

Put It in Writing

Here's the last but helpful step - creating the list you will take into the booth.