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Choose an Issue - Why Voting for Something Is Important?

Voting with a plan means we expect specific outcomes. When we vote for candidates for random reasons, such as their name was the first on the ballot, or just because they look a certain way, or they're not the other candidate, we will probably end up with the same old politics.

Like many Philadelphians and many voters across the U.S., the list of things you would like to change might be rather long. However, when we vote with intention, we can hold elected officials accountable because we focused on issues rather than personalities when we made our choices in the booth.

Three Steps to Better Voting

We know. Life gets hectic. You don't have to do everything on the list, but thinking through why you're walking into that voting booth means that we can start to bend the system toward what we'd like it to be. All of us must find ways to get beyond political advertisements to find effective public servants.

Remember, we're all about using our relationships to make our communities better. If you take a step back, you may find that you already do many things on the list, but not as strategically as this plan. We've also got you covered.

1 - Choose at least one issue or policy that you would like to see continued, reformed, stopped, or put in place.

2 - Visit our Offices and Ballot Question page to find out who's running for the various positions and about ballot questions.

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3 - Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors. They may have a different opinion of the candidate.

Also, think twice, three times, before sharing information. Make sure it's from a trustworthy source and not propaganda.

Ready to pick candidates?

You've done more work than most voters. It's time to pick candidates.