My Family Votes! - Who Are We?

My Family Votes! is not a typical voter engagement group. We are Philadelphia residents, some who have extensive organizing experience and some who have none. No one is being paid by a candidate or any other political entity. So, we get to say what we mean and mean what we say.

Everyone combines their different skills to build a solid foundation for others to talk to their families and friends about voting.

In 2019, we're focusing on helping folks move past the campaign noise to vote up and down the ballot with the information they need to make clear strategic choices.

Our Story

My Family Votes! started in 2008 during the first election of Barack Obama. Emma Tramble, My Family Votes! founder, served as a community team leader well before the campaign arrived in Philadelphia for the April Primary and provided volunteers with titles.

She noticed that the campaign was targeting infrequent voters who, many times, were living with frequent voters. You know, the type of voter who never misses an election regardless of rain, shine, or hurricane conditions.

Too often, a mother would answer the phone or open a door and would say, "You don't have to come to my house, "My Family Votes!" The campaign instructed canvassers to thank the frequent voter and walk away.

Emma came up with the idea to get black women, the most consistent voters in the black (and many other communities), to champion voting in their own homes.

Our philosophy remains true to our original mission--educate yourself first and then share accurate and actionable information with family and friends.

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About the Founder

Emma Tramble is a community and voter engagement strategist, specializing in determining the needs of community members and tailoring messages, services, and outreach. After speaking with family and friends, she was encouraged to work with other like-minded people to do this initiative

Next Steps...

We'd love to see folks walk into the poll with a plan, ready to consciously and confidently vote to make our communities and Philly a better place to live.